TITAN Recycling is a leader in the collection and sales of empty printer - fax, and laser-ink jet cartridges. We have given ourselves this distinction because no one else would.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to dealing with an Empty Cartridge Distributor, or as we like to be referred as "Intermediators of receptacles vacant of substances that develop latent xerographic images." These are a few things to take into consideration.

Do you want to buy Empty Cartridges from a Broker who also Remanufactures?

I think not. Why would you want some other Remanufacturer's rejects, because that is what you'd be getting.

Do a lot of Empties Brokers also Remanufacture?

I can think of 5 major players who are also remanning, or are affiliated with a Remanufacturer.

TITAN does not Remanufacture, and is not affiliated with a Remanufacturer...period. Walt Rebar, at your service.

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